All Women’s Progress is a nonpartisan intersectional feminist policy institute dedicated to improving the lives of women and marginalized groups through research and education. Our aim is to identify and research the systemic challenges facing women and marginalized groups. Our goal is to present these findings to elected and business leaders to improve our democracy by removing systemic barriers for women and marginalized groups through the drafting of intersectional policy.





Maya Contreras is a political strategist, a narrative interpreter, and an advocate for anti-racist policy.

As a lifelong advocate, Contreras’s focus has been on Voting Rights because all paths to policy begin with access to the ballot box. On the road to equity, dominant political narratives that stem from domestic policy inhibit civic participation. Contreras deconstructs these narratives exposing their origins and purpose in order to dismantle their power for her audiences. As a political strategist, Maya bridges communication between political leaders and groups who have been deemed “hard to count” by the Census (e.g. BIPOC communities, those experiencing homelessness, low-income individuals, members of the disability community). One of Contreras’s voter outreach programs during the 2018 midterms was “Step up and Vote” which provided voter registration and voter education support to all 101 HBCUs.

Contreras has given Voting Rights lectures at the Brennan Center for Justice, Clark University, and NYU. She was invited to testify in support of the New York State Voting Rights Act at the New York Senate on March 3, 2020. Maya has held anti-racist narrative and messaging clinics for leading members of the media, and U.S. Democratic Senators’ social media teams.

As a lifelong scholar, Contreras knows the importance of continuous learning from prominent advocates, organizers, and activists. In 2018, Contreras organized a conference in Washington DC with guest speakers Dr. Ibram X Kendi (Director of Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research), Kristen Clarke (President of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law), Shannon Watts (Founder of Mom’s Demand), Rebecca Cokley (Director of the Disability Justice Initiative at CAP), Tarana Burke (Founder of #MeToo), and many more. Maya was awarded a Graduate Research Grant from NYU for her “Decolonize the Media” project which focused on the lack of inclusion in media. She was also awarded the GSO Research Grant for her “Sandra Syndrome” project exposing systemic subversion of Black women.

Maya’s own civic participation is a critical component of her work. Contreras was appointed by City Councilwoman Carlina Rivera to the Neighborhood Advisory Board, Community 3 Manhattan of now which she serves as Chairman.

Contreras co-founded All Women’s Progress Policy Center to create an intersectional policy institute dedicated to improving the lives of womxn and marginalized groups through research and education.

Maya Contreras has a MA in Arts & Public Policy from NYU and a BA in Comparative Religion from FSU.




Mia Brett is finishing her PhD in American legal history and has a long history in teaching and political advocacy. At Barnard, Mia’s dedication to women’s rights and criminal justice reform were encouraged by the environment at a women’s college in New York City. After internships in criminal justice reform Mia begin to pursue her PhD in history specializing in American legal history. During the 2016 election season Mia’s interest in politics and social justice returned and she started one of the infamous secret Hillary Facebook groups. Mia is currently living in Brooklyn, teaching legal history, finishing her dissertation, and working for the All Women's Progress Party Think Tank.




Aset is a human right’s activist and highly trained pediatric nurse. She has volunteered with Human Rights Watch and the organization Memorial. She testified before the Helsinki Commission at the Congress of the United States on war crimes and Human Right’s abuses in Chechnya. She was granted political asylum in the USA and became a naturalized American citizen in 2012.

Her experience as a nurse in active combat has deepened her already existing commitment to pacifism and having experienced first-hand the devastations of gun violence, Aset is a proponent for gun sense.

She joins the All Women’s Progress Think Tank to contribute her insight into warfare to the organization’s commitment to non-violent conflict resolution and nuclear disarmament. As a survivor of warfare, Aset strongly supports coverage for traumatized veterans and their families under the American Health Care Act.