“We should be doing all that we can to make education more equitable to all, which requires removing financial burdens. Teaming up with businesses and colleges to create debt-free college training programs and student-debt forgiveness is a great step in the right direction, with the ultimate goal I believe, to be that of free higher education.” – Amanda Webster

The American Women’s Party is pleased to announce our endorsement of Amanda Webster for State Representative of District 62 in Connecticut. Amanda began her activism when her son was diagnosed with autism, propelling her into creating a top 10 fundraising team for autism. Since then Amanda has been elected to the Granby PTO (Parent Teachers Organization) and serves on the board of the Education Equity Task Force.

Amanda Webster is passionate about bridging the inequality gaps that exist in education in Connecticut by proposing plans for secure funding for public school programs from preschool through high school. Webster suggests increasing state revenue and encouraging job creation by regulating marijuana sales in Connecticut like alcohol and tobacco. Webster is also a supporter of universal background checks for guns and protecting people from domestic abusers having access to firearms. Finally, Amanda Webster is a strong proponent of women’s rights including pay equity and bodily autonomy. Amanda Webster will be a strong State Representative for District 62 in Connecticut.

“Women should unequivocally have the right to make decisions best for their individual circumstances with input from medical professionals and not politicians. We should invest in removing barriers that make access and education on those rights harder for women in certain communities.” – Amanda Webster

For more information please contact:
American Women’s Party

Website: www.newfor62.com/
Twitter: @AmandaWebster62

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