By Jeremy Fassler for the Daily Banter

The American Women’s Party is a new group that should be on your radar for 2018 and beyond. Differing from groups like She Should Run, which encourage women to run for office, The AWP is dedicated to empower the voices of voters, educate them on their rights, and encouraging direct action. I learned of the group from following one of its co-founders, Mia Brett on Twitter, and attended one of her organization’s first official events this September in Manhattan, where she spoke about their mission with her colleague and co-founder, Maya Contreras. Both are excellent public speakers, with the ability to synthesize complex information into nuggets that stay with you long after. What’s more, they are passionate organizers, determined to combat the shocking wave of voter suppression that has overtaken the country. During our conversation, I learned how this group came about, how they really feel about the Purity Left, and what they believe we can do going forward.

Jeremy Fassler: Where are you both from and what did you get your degrees in?

Mia Brett: I’m from Eastern Long Island and I went to Barnard. My undergrad was in American Studies and I’m getting a PhD in history, with a specialization in American legal history.

Maya Contreras: I was born in Denver, but I grew up in Albuquerque, went to college at Florida State, and now I live in NYC. My degree is in religion.

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