“When women are paid equally, families prosper and our economy benefits.” – Dr. Christine Mann

The American Women’s Party is proud to endorse Dr. Christine Mann for Texas’ 31st Congressional district. Dr. Christine Mann is a longtime resident of Texas completing both her undergrad and medical school degrees at Texas schools. Dr. Christine Mann has also long been involved in local political efforts to register voters and organize volunteers. As a family practice physician with three children, Dr. Mann has personal experience with the family issues of Texas and the importance for healthcare for all.

Dr. Christine Mann is a strong supporter of reproductive rights. She knows that reproductive justice is more than just abortion rights and supports programs that give women the tools to make their own reproductive choices. To that end Dr. Mann supports comprehensive sex education, easy access to birth control, comprehensive family leave policies, and universal pre-k. These policies as a whole will protect women’s rights and support the choices that are right for them.

Voting rights is one of Dr. Christine Mann’s top issues. She supports policies to expand voter enfranchisement and participation such as automatic voter registration, reinstating the full protection of the Voting Rights Act, expansion of polling places, and restoring felon’s voting rights. These expansions ensure all people have a voice in our democracy. Dr. Mann also opposes discrimination of any kind and supports protections for LGBTQ Americans and ratifying the ERA to codify women’s rights into the Constitution.

“If you don’t have a vote, you don’t have a voice.” – Dr. Christine Mann

Website: christine4congress.com
Twitter: @DrMann4Congress

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