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A long-standing court order prohibiting the Republican National Committee from engaging in voter verification and other “ballot security” measures expired Friday, although a federal judge left open the possibility it could be extended if a prior violation is found.

The consent decree, first implemented in 1982, expired after Judge John Michael Vazquez of U.S. District Court in New Jersey took no action to extend it. Democrats continue to press their concerns with the judge.

In an order this week, Vazquez denied a request from the Democratic National Committee for a hearing but did allow its lawyers to question former Republican National Committee official Sean Spicer. At issue is Spicer’s visit to Trump Tower on the night of the 2016 election.

The judge also ordered the RNC to turn over any relevant emails related to Spicer’s visit to the Trump campaign’s poll-monitoring operation. Vazquez said he would be willing to consider whether the order could be extended if a violation is found.

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