“I believe that our leadership should represent our communities. It is not acceptable that fewer than 20% of our congressional representatives are women. The hostile legislation and rhetoric toward women that is coming out of Washington, D.C. at this time can be reversed by electing more progressive-minded women to Congress.”
– Jamie McLeod-Skinner

The American Women’s Party is excited to announce our endorsement of Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. With degrees in civil engineering, regional planning, and a law degree in environmental and natural resources, McLeod-Skinner has a long history of being dedicated to public service. This includes managing water and sanitation projects to help communities both in the US and abroad as a member of the International Rescue Committee. She worked as a city and environmental planner, streamlined housing regulations while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and fought for renewable energy standards and anti-discriminatory legislation.
McLeod-Skinner’s experience informs her strong proposals for addressing climate change and improving the economy with legislation for clean energy jobs and tax incentives for sustainable energy systems. Investing in our infrastructure to improve broadband access to rural communities and create a renewable energy electric grid will both create job growth and help combat climate change. Investment in a Work For Education program that provides a college or trade school education in exchange for public service to prepare a strong workforce.
McLeod-Skinner has a strong commitment against discrimination in all forms. This is based, in part, on her own experience with homophobia, after coming out as a lesbian when she was a young adult. She strongly supports reproductive rights, protections for the LGBTQ community, and repealing voter ID laws. McLeod-Skinner also knows that we must pass equal pay legislation, and we must think about how we are teaching young women, and what type of work we value.

“We must invest in our future by investing in future generations. This mindset is critical for all aspects of government.” –Jamie McLeod-Skinner

For more information please contact:

Website: www.mcleodskinner4or.org
Twitter: @JamieforOregon

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