“I see voting rights as not only an issue for underprivileged communities and people of color, but also for women. With the implementation of onerous voting ID laws, certain women who change their names may not have access to cast their ballot. I’m proud to accept the endorsement of the All Women’s Progress Party because of their hard work and dedication to protecting voting rights throughout the country, especially as it pertains to women and social justice.” –Lucy McBath

The AWP is proud to announce our endorsement of Lucy McBath for Georgia’s 6th congressional district. Lucy is a strong candidate for the district with a long history of activism. Lucy McBath will be a strong advocate for reproductive rights, gun sense, healthcare, education, and voting rights.

Lucy McBath was raised with a strong commitment to public service and activism but it was the senseless shooting death of her son Jordan Davis in 2012 that drove her to be a voice for gun reform. She became a national spokesperson for Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. Lucy McBath served as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election as part of the “Mothers of the Movement.”

Lucy McBath is a champion for gun reform but she is running on all issues that affect the people of Georgia’s 6th congressional district. Lucy is a breast cancer survivor who knows first hand the importance of affordable healthcare for all. Lucy McBath is committed to education and helping students who might otherwise fall through the cracks as well as working to reduce student debt. Lucy is a stong supporter of women’s rights and will work for paid family leave, VAWA reauthorization, and more if elected to congress. Lucy McBath knows that voting rights is one of our most important tools to fighting for civil rights for all Americans.

Website: lucyforcongress.com

Twitter: lucywins2018

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