By Remy Anne for RANTT
2017 is the year of unmasking. From realizing which of your family members and friends are bigoted racists, to discovering how powerful men really think of women, there’s no more hiding who you truly are and what you believe in.

In recent weeks, a tidal wave of sexual assault allegations have come to light, with brave women stepping forward to tell their stories. The accused range from politicians, to Hollywood celebrities, to those that sit behind the anchor desk of your favorite nightly news show. And while every type of business is complicit in some perpetuation of this attitude, the media industry creates a particularly worrisome culture of abuse.

Sexual harassment and misogyny in media are dangerous because they not only affect the people that are personally harmed by such attacks — they affect everyone who consumes any sort of media content. The culture created by men like Mark Halperin, Glenn Thrush, or Bill O’Reilly, bleeds onto our TV screens and our Twitter feeds and molds the socio-political narrative of our country.

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