By Remy Anne for RANTT

The 2016 Presidential Election generated a huge increase in political activism, the likes of which haven’t been seen in decades. People got involved, joined groups, jammed their senator’s phone lines, and took to the streets. Crowd estimates suggest that as many as 5.2 million people participated in Women’s Marches across the country. Hundreds of organizations launched, with goals ranging from flipping historically red districts to educating people about the dangers of climate change.

The majority of these groups contain members primarily new to the activism world, with many personal and unique reasons for fighting back against the Trump administration. However, despite the different motivations for their attendance, there has been a common thread amongst these participants.

The overwhelming majority are women.

The leaders of the American Women’s Party are no exception. A collection of diverse voices, they’ve seen the galvanization of communities in response to Donald Trump’s election and decided to jump into the fray. The AWP functions as an advocacy group designed to elevate female voices in the Democratic Party.

With focus on ending voter disenfranchisement and supporting inclusive policies, they plan to champion for the rights of women — a task made all the more challenging by the current administration’s approach to women’s issues.

I sat down with two of the AWP’s leaders, Mia Brett and Maya Contreras, to find out more about what they stand for.

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