“Every person eligible to vote should be able to easily, without jumping through hoops, and without intimidation.” – Vangie Williams

The American Women’s Party is proud to endorse Vangie Williams for Virginia’s 1st Congressional District. If elected Vangie Williams will be the first woman of color to represent Virginia in congress. Williams is a longtime resident of Virginia with her family history reaching back 300 years in the area. As a strategic planner, Vangie Williams has a lot of experience with professional problem solving both in the private and public sector. She has worked for NASA, the USDA, IT, and in construction management and national security. Vangie Williams will bring her wide-ranging experience in multiple industries to congress.

Vangie Williams knows that a good economy and job creation requires education and innovation. She strongly supports green technology and infrastructure that will both protect the environment and the economy. Specifically Vangie Williams has proposed the INVEST Initiative (Income Now for Veterans, Enlisted Military, Safety Officers, and Teachers). This initiative would exempt these dedicated heroes from federal income tax on the first $50,000 of their earnings. The estimated $60 billion annual cost of this initiative would be paid by simply closing the loopholes in the tax code that allows the wealthiest 1% and corporations to hide income and to avoid paying the alternative minimum tax (AMT). This initiative would particularly help rural districts like Virginia’s 1st by increasing teacher pay and improving public education in districts with smaller tax bases.

Vangie Williams strongly opposes all kinds of discrimination against women, minorities, or LGBTQ Americans. She will be an advocate for reproductive rights, voting accessibility, and LGBTQ rights.

“All American students should have the same opportunities for learning.” – Vangie Williams

For more information please contact:

Website: www.vangieforcongress.com
Twitter: @VangieWilliams

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