Ashley Williams

WWW 2018 Conference Panelist

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Ash Williams is a non-binary femme from Fayetteville, NC. As a Black Lives Matter organizer, Ash has educated the NC community about state-sanctioned violence as it relates to trans and queer people of color. Ash is a core organizer of Charlotte Uprising, a collective focusing on gender justice and prison abolition. Since 2013, this work has included leading rapid response/ guerilla actions, building solidarity and coalitions across differences, developing press strategies, designing campaigns, educating and mobilizing people on social media, and training other organizers.

As campaign manager for a NC Representative, Ash has also managed donations and calendars, facilitated training for volunteers and interns, supervised all campaign communications, conducted research, and planned and implemented campaign strategies. Ash is a 2016 Human Rights Advocacy Fellow in Residence and Ignite NC Fellow (working against voter suppression), and won the Cyrus M. Johnson Award for Peace and Social Justice in 2014 and the Charlotte Pride Young Catalyst Award in 2016. They hold a master’s in Ethics and Applied Philosophy and a bachelor’s in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Ash is also a dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher.