From Literacy to Leadership: Empowering Immigrant Women through Education and Policy.

According to recent surveys, less than 52% of Naturalized citizens vote. Within this group, it is noticeable that a high percentage of women often fail to register. Immigrants often express concerns that they are used as political talking points, but are excluded
from the discussion.

This panel will explore the role that literacy, access to education, and accessible language play, and how a different approach might empower immigrant women to become active voters or leaders.

Our expert panel of International Educators will discuss how access to education, accessible language, and strong policy can empower immigrants to become more politically and socially engaged.

Caroline McKinnon – Founder FeLT, ELL Professor, LIU Brooklyn
Flora Chen – Wellness & Literacy instructor. TBC
Nafiza Taj Jelassi – Literacy & ESL Specialist TBC
Tanya Perez – Teaching Artist, writer and Director

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