L. Joy Williams

WWW 2018 Conference Speaker

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L. Joy Williams is a national political strategist, media thought leader, public speaker, and social justice advocate.

She is a trusted strategic adviser to elected leaders and organizations across the country and is sought after by various media outlets for her expertise in politics, civic engagement, and social justice. L. Joy is the Founder and Principal of New York-based consulting firm LJW Strategies, President of the Brooklyn NAACP, National Board Member of PAC+ and founding Chairman of Higher Heights for America.

Throughout her career, L. Joy has continued to demonstrate a strong talent as a political planner and tactician, both in campaign and government politics. She has served in several high-impact leadership positions on behalf of some of New York’s most well-known elected officials and continues to be a respected and well sought after voice in local, state, and national politics.

L. Joy’s passion for political and community activism was instilled at an early age, stemming from a deep-rooted family history and commitment to civil rights and social justice.

She is the current President of Brooklyn NAACP having previously served as the 1st Vice President and an At-Large Board member. She is the youngest adult branch President in the state of New York and one of a handful of branch presidents under the age of 45 in the country. L. Joy leads a generationally diverse all-volunteer branch which works tirelessly to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights for all in Brooklyn.

In addition to her advocacy on social justice issues, L. Joy is a standard bearer in the cause to significantly increase the number of Black women elected to political office. As founding chairman of Higher Heights for America, L. Joy travels the country to train, advise and support efforts to build Black woman’s political power and leadership potential. In 2013, L. Joy worked to elect Letitia “Tish” James as the New York City Public Advocate, the first Black woman elected citywide. During the 2014 midterm election, L. Joy managed a campaign in Georgia and Ohio targeting Black women who had only participated in presidential elections to turn them out for the federal midterm and state elections. The successful campaign increased enthusiasm and turnout by over ten percentage points.

L. Joy is a dynamic speaker, an engaging trainer, expert moderator and stands out on panel discussions. Speaking publicly for well over 15 years, L. Joy has been featured at conferences, panel discussions and on mainstream television and radio outlets across the country. She has professional expertise in a wide range of issues including electoral politics, government administration, social justice and civic engagement.

L. Joy also regularly appears on major media outlets such as MSNBC, Sirius XM Radio and PBS News Hour as a political commentator and is often quoted in major publications such as Ebony Magazine, New York Daily News, The Root and Elle Magazine.