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Men in politics have made a lot of of assumptions about the way women vote:

that we vote like our husbands if we’re married, or like our fathers if we’re not;
that, given our choice of male candidates, we’ll choose the sexually attractive one;
that we’re much less likely to vote for a woman candidate than men are;
that we consider politics a male province, and so are less likely to get into the process, to form political opinions, or to vote at all;
that black women are less concerned than white women with issues of sex discrimination, and more turned off by the Women’s Liberation Movement as a whole;
that women are more conservative than men, and possibly even more violent and vengeful (“the real haters,” as Richard Nixon once put it);
finally, and somewhat paradoxically, that the 19th Amendment didn’t amount to much, because the women’s vote is never going to make a fundamental difference anyway.

by Gloria Steinem

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