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All Women’s Progress is a nonpartisan intersectional feminist policy institute dedicated to research and education to improve the lives of women and marginalized groups. Our aim is to identify and research the systemic challenges facing women and marginalized groups. Our goal is to present these findings to elected and business leaders to improve our democracy by removing systemic barriers for women and marginalized groups through the drafting of intersectional policy.

Our Founders

Maya Contrereas

Maya Contreras


Maya Contreras is writer, a voting rights advocate, and an inequality activist. As a Black and Latina woman who grew up poor with two brothers and a single, well-educated mother, Contreras saw first-hand how the government can help or be harmful early in life after her mother passed away from breast cancer when she was a teenager. Contreras, in grief, wanted to help those also experiencing hardship and begun organizing food and clothing drives while attending the Booker Visual Performing Arts high school.

Her activism continued at Florida State University where she organized lectures on women’s income inequality. After graduating college, she organized multiple music festivals for Hands on Atlanta and Amnesty International. Contreras quickly noticed a startling amount of apathy in politics and participation, so — in the midst of building her career as a playwright and writer— Contreras became involved in political organizing. She utilized her skills as a storyteller to convince those around her of the importance of the vote; while also attending community town hall meetings and frequently meeting with elected officials.

Contreras co-founded All Women’s Progress because she understands that people can fall through the cracks with or without an education, or even with a full-time job. She understands that what the majority of people are looking for on the margins isn’t a handout, but a hand up. She is passionate about discussing intersectional policies that could help eradicate inequality, and institutionalized racism and misogyny.




Mia Brett is finishing her PhD in American legal history and has a long history in teaching and political advocacy. At Barnard, Mia’s dedication to women’s rights and criminal justice reform were encouraged by the environment at a women’s college in New York City. After internships in criminal justice reform Mia begin to pursue her PhD in history specializing in American legal history. During the 2016 election season Mia’s interest in politics and social justice returned and she started one of the infamous secret Hillary Facebook groups. Mia is currently living in Brooklyn, teaching legal history, finishing her dissertation, and working for the All Women's Progress Party Think Tank.


Aset Chad

Board Member

Aset is a human right’s activist and highly trained pediatric nurse. She has volunteered with Human Rights Watch and the organization Memorial. She testified before the Helsinki Commission at the Congress of the United States on war crimes and Human Right’s abuses in Chechnya. She was granted political asylum in the USA and became a naturalized American citizen in 2012.

Her experience as a nurse in active combat has deepened her already existing commitment to pacifism and having experienced first-hand the devastations of gun violence, Aset is a proponent for gun sense.

She joins the All Women’s Progress Think Tank to contribute her insight into warfare to the organization’s commitment to non-violent conflict resolution and nuclear disarmament. As a survivor of warfare, Aset strongly supports coverage for traumatized veterans and their families under the American Health Care Act.