“This fight is not solely about the procedure of abortion, but about the position of women in society, their sexual freedom, their ability to make choices for their health and their careers, and how much control men have over their decisions.” – Kathleen Williams

The American Women’s Party is proud to endorse Kathleen Williams for Montana’s lone Congressional seat. Kathleen Williams is a longtime resident and public servant of Montana. She served three terms as a representative in Montana’s Legislature, where she was the Vice Chair of the Agriculture and Taxation Committees. Williams also served on the Governor’s Drought Committee and the Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission. She fought on the front lines to protect water rights, the interests of the Salish-Kootenai tribe, and the health of priority fisheries.

Kathleen Williams has worked on issues of natural resources in both the public and private sectors. She knows that a warming climate is already significantly impacting Montana. She has strong proposals to combat climate change, including working with the agricultural community and protecting forest resilience and health. Kathleen Williams also has a long history fighting for labor rights and encouraging business and job creation. She proposes advancing renewable energy as well as rural development to help the economy. Williams knows that investment in public education and paths to student debt forgiveness will sustain a robust economy in Montana.

Kathleen Williams is an accomplished fighter on women’s rights and non-discrimination. Since Jeanette Rankin was elected as the first Congresswoman in American history, 101 years ago, no other woman has been elected to Congress from Montana. Kathleen Williams is the right candidate to become Rankin’s long-overdue successor. She knows that reproductive rights and voter enfranchisement are important to advancing the rights of women and marginalized communities. In Montana, Kathleen Williams will particularly fight to protect these rights in Montana’s rural and Native American communities, which are too often marginalized in these debates.

“I support and will fight for all measures to increase voter participation including expanding early voting, automatic voter registration, and online voter registration.” – Kathleen Williams

Website: kathleenformontana.com
Twitter: @WilliamsForMT

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