Tuesday, September 25

Mid-terms are right around the corner and if you're anything like us, you’ve already started to organize. If you haven’t, have no fear, Voter Empowerment Day is almost here!

Voter Empowerment Day, named after John Lewis Voter Empowerment Act, is a day to gather your friends, co-workers, and neighbors:

Voter Empowerment Day is

a day to celebrate our most fundamental right: the right to vote

We want our votes to count and be counted. We want to send a message to our representatives that we want our right to vote to be protected and to expand voting rights for those that have been disenfranchised (e.g. felon disenfranchisement) and to repeal voter I.D. laws.

Organizing a party is an easy way to gather your family, friends, and neighbors to talk about what’s important to your community. It’s clear that some representatives believe the only way they can win is by suppressing the vote. We would love for you all to get involved and inspire others into action!

Here is what you can do

Sign up here to host a Voter Empowerment Day party in your city and state:

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a ‘Voter Empowerment Toolkit’ that will:

The AWP is partnering with in all 50 states to get you registered, send you voting reminders, help you find your polling place and much more!

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