By Kaz Weida for RANTT
In the aftermath of the 2016 election, the women of America stumbled around feeling more than a little shell-shocked. How had we gone from anticipating a woman would become the first president of the United States to having a sexual predator in the White House? It was like an unpleasant episode of the Twilight Zone where we’d suddenly been transported to a strange world. Up was down, and right was wrong.

Perhaps the worst of this betrayal came in the following days when we learned that it wasn’t just the progressive allies we’d come to trust that had betrayed us. It was other women. Women who looked like us, whose kids played with our kids, who volunteered at our schools and ran the potlucks at church. How had they carefully weighed a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and decided a man like Trump was the lesser of two evils?

It seemed unfathomable as if these women had been living in an entirely different country than the one you and I experience. And in all the polls and Trump voter profiles since then, it’s been a persistent question. Why would so many women choose to vote against their own interests?
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